It was drizzly and dark that day. Many couples walked by with umbrellas in the street. They walked past the boys and girls. The girls cried. The boys shouted at the girls without saying a word. The boys gave the girls a gift. The girls were very happy. They showed it to the boys. The boys were not happy because they thought the girls belonged to him. Although they knew that the girls would always be Follow him far, know that the man is just kind, but the boy is very strange, or say girl, girl angry, the boy saw girl angry, more angry, in the heart of a fire do not know where to send, the boy said girl, girl's tears more, faster than the rain in the sky, after that, a silence, the boy still like before, apologize to the girl, girl The child pushes away the boy's hand, the boy comes forward to hold the girl again, the girl pushes away the boy's hand again... Finally, the girl says a word to the boy: "you are too much!" The boy listened, turned around and left. The girl stood alone in the street in the rain and tears... The boy left, he was angry, really angry. The boy went home alone, he wanted to cry! He a belly of words do not know where to start, the boy knows that he is not right, know that should not hurt the girl's heart, let the girl cry, his heart is also very painful! But the boy still left, and did not go back. What was in his mind, no one knew, maybe even he himself did not know, the boy wanted to ask, who in the world can really understand him and experience him, the boy is very painful, more painful than the girl, because the girl is just angry, sad, in tears, and the boy, no one knows. The boy thinks too much, for the girl, He didn't know if it was an apology or something.